J.G. Bolfing


I would like to make a challenge to everyone who reads, “The 72 and the Fingerprint of God.”

 The challenge goes like this:

 As you follow the story throughout from start to finish, there are several dates that are disclosed and the method of how they were discovered is explained in detail. So using the story with these details and its methods, there is one last date that could potentially and in my opinion, easily be concluded. That for this very reason, was not included.

Now understand this: You will have to be thorough in your knowledge of the book.
Here is the main reason: There is not going to be just one simple answer.

 Though, there will be only one date that will need to be identified; the reasoning for accepting this as your conclusion, will need to be exp​lained fourfold. There is in fact 4 separate “identifiers.” That no doubt, we are supposed to recognize and see as validation to our accepting this as a reasonable and viable conclusion.

 Obviously, you will need to know the story. Of what I believe was God, showing me through the Holy Spirit, that was to guide me and to give me clues. Knowing this, it is possible that someone can with 100% accuracy-

1.      Arrive at the undisclosed date.
2.     Provide 4 specific identifiers, explaining each as evidence for arriving at this dates conclusion.

Proof of purchase is necessary to qualify in this challenge.

 I would like to offer a $1,000 prize to anyone who can and will complete this challenge.

This has all been an incredible mystery from the very beginning. The knowing that you are looking for evidence that God wants you to find. So that you will know He is showing you something to be His truth. Sharing the opportunity to be a part of that feeling seems only fair.

 If you would like to make a submission toward answering this challenge, you may send your submission to me through this website  -  www.the-72-and-the-Fingerprint-of-God.com

 I will respond with either;  “Congratulations!” or , “Better luck next time!”

If someone wins, they will receive the $1,000 prize.

I will post of their success and THE CHALLENGE WILL END.
But until it does, there will be no clues other than what I have already suggested.

Here's the thing:

The 4 answers as to why this date is to be known as fact, are found within the story and they are, in my humble opinion, absolutely, incredibly fascinating!

 Don’t forget about the other mystery, that is in the book too. That of the False Prophet. I left enough clues, the answer should not allude you. Although, not a part of this challenge; figuring it out seems rather important.
Remember, I did not create this. I am the messenger.
                “No one expects to become a messenger of God, but when you do; that is who you are.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -  J.G. Bolfing