​               J.G. Bolfing

 To say that I never thought I would write a book, would just not be true. But to say that I ever thought I would be writing a book about God, well honestly, I never. The thing is, being now that I have, I realize that this was what I was supposed to do; I was supposed to write this book. So much so, that God made me. No, I am not saying that God made me write this book, I am saying He created me to do so. Now, I see my whole life leading up to this, as training for this undertaking. Though, without discussing what my life had been before at this time, let's just say that counting on God, and always looking for His strength and reassurance, has been a most comfortable challenge. This position paints you as a target; one this world will choose to send its fiery darts to seek to find. We are to put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and wear the Whole Armour of God and ...

                  the Word will become our shield.

 Though our lives as flesh are ephemeral against the incalculable vastness of time and space, it is through this awareness that allows a mere glimpse of the immeasurable compassion of the Creator: Our, Father-God.

                                                                                       -  J.G. Bolfing