​On August 26, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Gulf Coast ,with a direct hit to the town of Rockport, Texas. Devastating the area with windspeeds exceeding 130 mph; making this a Cat. 4 hurricane.

 Reports are stating as much as 60% of the town has been destroyed; with thousands of people being displaced. Losing their homes and their jobs, now finding refuge in shelters and accommodations made available by those who are able to offer it. 

​ These are just the victims in the town of Rockport. This storm continued on, wreaking havoc on the state of Texas, flooding the city of Houston and the neighboring communities, with a torrential downpour of rain; that has displaced as many as 500,000 persons. The death toll is still unknown at this point, as of Sept. 2, 2017.

​ I live in Houston, Texas; as I am a native Houstonian: Born and raised.

These are my people; this is my community; this is my home. 
​ 18 hours into the storm, my area was still not affected by any high winds or rain. I had been watching as the storm approached and the whole city of Houston was in between two huge bands of the storm, for well over the 18 plus hours. Seeing that it was not going to be long until my area would be inundated, I decided to ride the storm out a little further inland: Packing up and traveling 40 miles North, to spend the duration with my two daughters, my son-in-law and precious, grand-daughter. It rained for 4 days straight, shutting down all stores and flooding thousands of homes in that area, as it did in Houston. There is a large lake there (Lake Conroe) and they had to open the flood gates; releasing the water before there became any structural damage, that would lead to dam failure. There was already devastational flooding in the area, so once they opened the flood gates, they had to evacuate even more areas: this excess water, flooding into the surrounding neighborhoods. 

​ The storm continued to rage for many days, going back out into the gulf and building strength; to then again make landfall, this time near Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas. Damaging many homes and businesses with catastrophic flooding. The amount of damage this storm has caused, is just simply hard to fathom.

  ​As I am telling of the negative effects and horrific impact this storm has had on all the areas affected, there is something else that the storm has caused to take place, that is definitely the positive aspect of it all: The city of Houston and all communities affected have been undergoing, full-on rescue missions, and evacuation efforts of all those who were unable to make it out of their homes before the flooding took place.

 Those responsible for these efforts are not just the men and women, first-responders: the trained professionals we rely on everyday, although they were certainly involved to their full capacity, the vast majority of those immediately involved in these rescue missions were volunteers. - Neighbors of those in need.

 Many coming to rescue destitute victims, left at the mercy of this raging storm. All people with boats were asked by the city of Houston to help in these efforts. These volunteers becoming known as "The Texas Navy" following in suit of "The Cajun Navy," the name of the group of volunteer rescue workers, that came down from Louisiana, to help in these rescue and relief efforts.

 All these people: police, firefighters, EMS, National Guard, both Texas and Cajun Navies, all individuals and all those involved, are heros. Putting themselves second, behind in order of those who come first.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell a quick story, that is certainly worth mention -

​ First, I would like to say: I have been blessed with a wonderful family; of whom I thank the Lord, everyday. 

​ A couple of months ago, my son-in-law bought a "suspension-lift-kit" for his 4-wheel-drive Jeep. He had finally made arrangements to install it, with someone that has a professional shop. This arrangement was made a over a week before anyone knew, where and when this hurricane would hit. The day they had scheduled was Saturday; August 26, 2017. So, since the storm had not quite made it that far yet, they decided to go through with the installation. 

​ The very next day, he was out using his Jeep, now lifted up a full 6 inches, driving around in the storm and the pouring down rain; rescuing people in their vehicles who had driven into impassable high waters: pulling them onto safe, high-ground. I found this very commendable, and as I said before, certainly worthy of mention. 

​ From the very beginning, I have witnessed my children ( both of my daughters and my son-in-law) be involved with relief efforts for the victims of this storm. They are all very involved through different forms of social-media, and their efforts are certainly making a difference to help with the aid in our communities.

​ It will be a very long-time, before the areas and the lives of those affected, may be rebuilt: regaining a sense of normalcy from what was lost, inside the storm. Unfortunately, not all can be replaced of what was lost.

​ I will do my part in helping out with relief efforts, and will be giving 50 % of all book sales through Sept. 2017.

​ This does not mean, that this is all that I feel I can do; as I live in Houston, Texas: I will be helping to rebuild, this and my surrounding communities, for the many years to come.